Safer Neighborhoods = Safer Roads

With Growth Comes

the need to re-evaluate how safe roads serving our neighborhoods are?  Many of our neighborhoods are ten, twenty, more than thirty years old.  The road and traffic control methods have not changed dramatically in thirty plus years.  

Yet the population has swelled.  Yes it is true that more and more people see Ramsey as a great place to live and raise a family.  But they, like you, also need need to see Ramsey as a safe place to raise a family. 

There is a substantial "buzz" in the community about what could look like hitting the pause button.  Time to evaluate the major points of conflict in the road system.  Where does it make sense to add a stop sign, traffic signal, improve line of sight, adjust speed limit?  Many more... 

We could easily start in your neighborhood, you know what this looks like.  Many of us are aware of this concern, and now is the time to address the issues starting with open discussion, discovery and action.