Huge Thank You for the VOTE of confidence. 52.4% support on Primary Election results

As Mayor of Ramsey I support these leading issues.

Bring Restaurants / Shops / Parks and Trails

Ramsey residents want more choices on dining out, we are not as interested in driving to other communities- let's keep these dollars here in Ramsey.

Fix Roads and Improve Transportation

Our local roads are aging out and in need of repair.  Past councils have "kicked that can" too long.  We also have a need for upgrades to major highways.  Click here for more..

Increase the Tax Base - Commercial Business

Economic health is rooted in a strong commercial business based. Bunker Lake Business Park is a tax base win that Ramsey needs to continue to focus on.

Aurora over Bunker Lake Blvd, Jacob Richards

Manage Growth - Balance between Rural Character and Urban Services

Concentrate density in the COR and preserve the rural nature that is the historic appeal of living in Ramsey. 

Continue to Sell City Owned Land - Move Property back on to Tax Roll

Past councils have saddled you and I with the debt of the COR purchase. City owned land needs to be sold to recover investment costs and get land on the tax roll.

Smart Citizen-Focused Government

I want to see Ramsey be the kind of community that we all can be excited about.  

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